Druseidt-Connectors made out of foilsDruseidt-Connectors made out of foils

Range of application

Our laminated flexible connectors are necessary everywhere where it is impossible to use solid bus bars to transfer the current. Main applications are:


Laminated flexible connectors are made out of copper- or aluminum-foil in bare, in case of copper alternatively in tinned configuration. The foil-cutoffs will be stacked and after this united at the contact-areas by using a tuned process for the later application. For this we use foils from 0,05 up to 1 mm thickness. The width and thickness of the connector is chosen by our customers.

In case of aluminum-connectors a solid piece of aluminum will be welded at the end of the foils.

Cross-section / max. load

In standard design we offer connectors up to a cross-section of ca. 5000 mm˛ . The maximum current-load is conditioned by a wide number of factors. Please contact us for detailed information.

We also develop special-designs for your individual applications.


We use the following procedures to produce laminated flexible copper connectors:

Procedures to produce aluminum laminated connectors


In order to optimize the max. load and conductance of our connectors we use exclusively pure and extreme transmittable materials as foils and sheet metal covers.

For copper-connectors: Cu-ETP (previously E-Cu) and Cu-HCP (previously SE-Cu) according DIN EN 13599

For Aluminum-connectors: E-Al 99,5 according DIN EN

We advise, that in case of using different materials than above the conductance of the connectors become bad.


For different cases of application we use various foils from F20 - F30. The used strength class depends on the mechanical stress of the connector in operation.


For different applications we offer a wide range of standard shapes and also special designs :


Our company is certified according DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.


Please submit your inquiry/order to verkauf@druseidt.de or alternatively using our normal contact data.

Of course, we offer you technical consultation under the above contact.

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